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You Don't Even Have to Write the Recipes Yourself...
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Frederic PatenaudeDear friend,

If you have any interest in raw foods, natural health, vegetarianism, you probably have purchased several recipe books yourself.

Maybe you’ve even experimented with some of your own creations. Who knows, you might even have started to write down a few good ones!

But let me ask you this: did you ever think of publishing your own recipe book, and did you realize how profitable this could be?

After having publishing over 5 recipe books, I know that writing and publishing recipe books can be extremely profitable and fun.

Whether you’d like to find a great way to make a living in the natural health movement, or make some extra income doing something that you love, or just create some easy-to-sell products for your website, I think you’re going to love this opportunity of writing and selling recipe books in niche markets such as:

    1. The raw food diet
    2. The low fat raw vegan diet
    3. The vegan diet
    4. The low-fat vegan diet
    5. The "Eat to Live” program
    6. The "Proper Food Combining” program
    7. And many other markets! 

Don’t make the mistake of waiting to start doing this, or think that you have to be a great chef yourself to publish unique recipe books. You see, you don’t even have to create the recipes yourself!

Writing and publishing recipe books can be very simple and very profitable, and certainly not too complicated, but most people get it all wrong when it comes to this!

I’m talking about:

  • Spending years to write a recipe book, without being sure it’s going to sell in the first place
  • Coming up with a bad book title that kills all potential sales
  • Not studying your market and therefore not knowing what topic to choose for your recipe book
  • Thinking you need to have 300 recipes in your book
  • Writing one big book instead of several shorter one
  • Not knowing where to go to get your book distributed
  • Not knowing how to ship your book on autopilot, without ever having to go to the postal office
  • And countless other mistakes that will kill your fun and profits!

With the knowledge that I’ll share with you, you’ll also realize that writing and selling health food recipe books doesn’t have to be very complicated.

What I want to do is to share everything that I’ve learned since 1998 about writing and publishing recipe books for a living.

I want to give you the exact blueprint you’ll need to follow my footsteps and do even better in this still under-exploited market.

This is a really in-depth program with information that has never been shared anywhere else before.

But I have, in fact, done much more “experiments” with all sorts of ways to make money with simple collections of recipes.

For example:

  • I wrote a recipe book called “The Sunfood Cuisine”, that has been also translated an published into French and has sold over 12,000 copies

  • I published another booklet “Raw Soups, Salads and Smoothies”, which I still sell to this day. This one only took me 7 days to create and has created sales totaling over $25,000

  • I published another “in-print” recipe book called “Instant Raw Sensations”, which took me 3 weeks to create, and that I sell on my website for $19.95. I also sell a little menu planner that comes with it for an extra $10. 80% of customers choose to get the menu planner along with the book. The sales are strong and bring my business over $20,000 per year, almost automatically.

  • I sell a simple digital recipe book called “Healthy Salad Dressings” that took me exactly 4 hours and half to create. To date it has brought over $10,000 in sales.

  • In 2006 I started a coaching program for health and raw foods called the Body Enlightenment System. This program sold between $297 and $497 and a big feature of it was the recipes and menu planners for the month of “detox”. This program was entirely digital.

  • In 2006 I started a monthly coaching program that featured one year of digital raw food menu planners, a one-of-its-kind, never-done-before idea in the raw food movement.

I know what I’m talking about when it comes to writing successful recipe books that don’t require all your time and energy, and that your readers will love!

That’s why I’ve developed a complete course called:

recHow to Make a Small Fortune Selling Health Food Recipe Books

How to Write Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw Food Recipe Books for Fun and Profits

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to create “hot” series of short recipe books that sell like crazy

  • How do discover the needs of your market and create the perfect recipe book that will sell on autopilot

  • Brainstorm session, I’ll let you STEAL my recipe book ideas! (over 30 ideas outlined for you and ready to use)

  • How to create a killer title for your recipe book (because the title really sells the book)

  • Life and time saving tips for creating the perfect recipe book

  • An easy-to-follow system to creating your own recipes, even if you’re not a talented chef yourself

  • How many recipes you should include in your book, depending on the type of book

  • Perfectly legal ways get free recipes while creating a book your readers will love

  • How to put your recipe book together, step by step

  • How to succeed with the top four money-making ways for your recipe books

  • How to create a recipe book from start to finish in just a couple weeks

  • The top resources to get your book distributed. Exactly what to do to get your book out there

  • How to get published without spending money upfront with print-on demand

  • Exactly how to determine the right pricing for your recipe book, the one that will enable you to maximize your profits

  • How to handle the technical details of selling your recipe book, even you’ve never done this before.

  • 5 ways you can create recurring income with your recipe books

What’s Really Different About This Program

This is really the first time someone with extensive knowledge in the natural and raw food movement has put together a complete course on how to write recipe books for a living.

Nowhere else will you be able this kind of specialized knowledge, because the very few people who have understood the power of creating and selling niche recipe books (vegetarian, vegan, raw, etc.) and how to maximize their profits doing so are NOT going to reveal their secrets to the public.

I run a business coaching program so my focus is completely different. I have no problem with you stealing my 30+ ideas for original recipe books that I include in my course, and in fact, I’d like you to do so!

I want to see others succeed in the natural health movement, and I have created this course because I’m really passionate about sharing my knowledge with others.
You will certainly not going to be able to find this information anywhere else, even if you try.

What’s Included in the Recipe Book Program

100+ Page Complete ebook — The main chunk of the program is a complete, perfectly outlined, step-by-step digital manual that describes exactly how to create, write and sell health food recipe books, from start to finish (and remember, this doesn’t necessarily have to involve you creating any recipes).
It includes everything. From finding a great concept for your recipe book, to what to include in your recipe books, to creating and compiling your recipes, to laying out your recipe book, choosing the right method of publishing, distributing, selling, and more.

Audio book — The Main ebook is great, but what you’ll want to do first is to listen me explaining the information first. So that’s why I’ve taken the time to record the entire manual as an audio book. It is recommended that you listen to that first (you can do it while driving your car!) and then go through the manual.

Checklist — The course also includes a comprehensive checklist, with reminder points on how to create your recipe book, from start to finish. This is an incredible, time-saving tool!

Exhibits — I also give you some concrete examples taken from my own experience, in this series of exhibits you’ll find as separate file.

What’s the Guarantee?

Before you decide to join this course, you probably have one last question: how can you be sure this program will work for you?

Make no mistake: this course is the very best course you’ll ever come across on how to write and sell your own recipe eBook. But I won’t leave it up to you to trust us on that one.

Our guarantee is the strongest guarantee you’ll come across in the industry, and I offer it because I’m 100% confident this course is the very best course you’ll be able to find anywhere on the subject.

Unconditional 60-day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

You risk nothing. You have the right to a prompt and full refund at anytime during the first 60 days of your order.

If for any reason you find my course isn’t absolutely perfect for you, just contact my staff at www.fredericpatenaudesupport.com and we will issue a full refund promptly (that means within a few business days)... and keep everything I sent you.

That's right - the course is yours to keep! I can’t be any fairer than that. This money-back guarantee is absolute, and that’s how sure I am you will profit from the course How to Make A Small Fortune Writing Health Food Recipe eBooks.

Let’s be perfectly clear: we strongly believe in this course. And that’s why we don’t hesitate to offer you such an iron-clad guarantee. Frankly, there’s no reason not to give this course a try!

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