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"How A Raw Food Enthusiast Transformed His Passion For Health and Fitness Into A Full Time Online Income Earning Well Over $30,000/Month"

Discover how you can make a living on the Internet, cashing in on your passion... Step by Step!

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Frederic Patenaude

By Frederic Patenaude

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own profitable online business?

When I was 21, I became passionate about health and fitness, particularly the raw food diet. (I'm now 36.)

I wanted to find a way to cash in on my passion for health, and I did, by building one of the biggest raw food websites on the Internet.

But unlike other people, I did it without sacrificing my freedom.

  • Would you love to have a source of passive income that brings you at least $2000 a month?
  • Would you like to earn enough from your website so you could your day-time job?
  • Are you confused about how to start getting visitors to your website?

If you answered yes to even just ONE of these questions, then continue reading this page to learn about how you too could make a living with your passion for health.

I've been earning a living online since 1998 with my passion for health and raw foods. And this freedom gave me the ability to live how and where I chose.

I've travelled all around the world, to over 35 countries, and lived in several… just to prove that it was possible to make a living on the Internet from anywhere.

And I did it all by selling eBooks and other information products, most of them related to the topic of health and nutrition.

Don't Buy From Internet Marketers... if They're Only Selling "Make Money" Information

There are many Internet Marketing gurus to learn from, and many great ones at that. But the big problem with all of these “Internet Gurus” out there is they have no real experience starting businesses in markets other than "make money" information.

What about raw foods? Natural Health? Fitness? Where are the Internet Marketers that have true experience in these markets.

Most Internet marketers are advertising experts who are teaching others how they can start their own website and make money from it.Yet, they have no idea what it's like to start a website in a completely different market, with no previous experience, in a field that has nothing to do with making money.

Why Other Markets Are Nothing Like the "Make Money" Market

The big difference of doing Internet Marketing in markets other than "make money" is that you're selling to consumers.

I specialize in natural health and raw food markets because I understand the NEEDs of that audience.

I've been generating over 30K a month with my online business since 2005. I've been involved in the natural health, fitness and raw foods market since 1997.

I have REAL experience with making a living in markets other than "making money" and in fact I only started teaching what I knew because many of my readers wanted to know how to make a living the way I did.

What I want to show you is that you can build your own, money-generating website:

Without Prior Experience

When I started, I didn't know anything about computers. I learned what I needed without any prior experience.

In a Field that You Love

You'll have to find a topic for your site. Chances are that this topic is not going to be about making money. I've personally been online since 1998, making a full-time living with it, and I was making as much as $60,000 a month on the Internet in the field of natural health and raw foods before I sold my first product on Internet Marketing.

Even if You Don't Know Where to Get Started

When it comes to building a website, most people have it all wrong. They make it more complicated than necessary, and forget the basic principles that make a good website successful and profitable.

Who are you going to listen to?

You have a few options when it comes to learning how to create your own-money generating website.You can:

1) Try to figure it out yourself - Let me tell you, this does NOT work. You'll only waste a lot time, energy and money.

2) Copy other websites - This is also NOT a good idea. So few websites actually work, and most of them are too complicated.

3) Learn from an Internet Marketing guru - There are plenty of Internet Marketing gurus out there, most of which have never had a website outside of the topic of “making money”. The problem is that the reality of these people is very different from yours. They are marketing experts, and you're not. You may be interested in organic gardening, so you need to know how to create a website on a topic that's not “money-making” related.

4) Learn from someone who's really done it - There are very few people out there, who have learned the intricacies of an online business that works, have been successful at it in a market that is completely outside of “making money”, and after years of practice, are now teaching it to others.

You see, I don't need to be selling a course on “how to make money on the Internet” to make money on the Internet (unlike most Internet Marketing Gurus out there!)

I've been doing it since 1998. Granted, my first website was not very successful. I learned a lot by trial and error.

I've created a TRUE Internet Lifestyle, unlike other gurus who are workaholics and never actually enjoy an ounce of freedom that they promise others.

I've traveled to over 30 countries in the past three years along, taking as many as 3 months off at a time, while receiving regular income from my websites.

I have over 30,000 readers subscribers to my online newsletters.

And since April 2007, I've been running the Do What You Love Success Group for beginners and start-up entrepreneurs who want to make a living doing what they love in the natural health movement.

“I have over 11,000 subscribers!”

DaNae Johnson

Frederic has been a great mentor and motivator. As I started my website, I eagerly looked forward to reading his newsletter. He laid out simple and easy steps to create a successful online income generator.

When I saw that Frederic was taking in new members for his success group, I had to jump in and join. He showed me how important it was to capture my site visitor's emails and then to keep in contact with my list.

I now have over 11,000 subscribers to my Smoothie Newsletter. My site receives between 1600-2500 unique visitors a day. And now that I have the traffic and loyal readers, I finally took the plunge and wrote my first ebook. :) I already have ideas for more ebooks.

Within the first day of the release of my first ebook, I sold over 100 copies! I am now earning more income from my site than I could by working full-time. I can be home with my 3 young children.

I would recommend the Do What You Love Success Group to anyone interested in growing an online business.

"Frederic's Do What You Love Success Group
Has Been Pivotal in my Success Online!"

Swayne Foster

The monthly newsletters, calls, and forum are absolutely priceless! Because of his invaluable knowledge and support, I was able to start my own website, reach over 11,000 subscribers, and make a full time living on the Internet.

More importantly, Frederic has made sure that I know exactly what steps to take to ensure continued success. There is no way I would have achieved even half of the results I have gotten without the support of this group. It's so great to see proof that I can make a great living online and live the lifestyle I want.

Thank you so much, Frederic!

"Already Seeing Positive Results!"

Kelly Parks-Hoffman

The Natural Health Girl

I signed up for “Do What You Love Success Group,” because I was looking for hands on assistance with my business from someone successful in what I wanted to accomplish.

So far as a member, I'm already seeing positive results with my website traffic and newsletter sign ups. Frederic has pointed me in the right direction and helped me move forward with my business, and for that I am very thankful. I highly recommend Frederic's success group, and encourage others to give it a try.

"I've Already Sold Over 80 Copies of My Yoga Product in a Short Period of Time"

I always dreamed to have my own business but never THE idea. I never knew how to build it myself. Now, I manage a website on yoga, my passion. I have developed my first product, a yoga session on abs that sells well. I've already made over 80 sales for that product, and I'm just getting started...

I am also in the process of creating my first yoga course. I will do a joint venture on a meditation project and I have 15 projects waiting for me.

In less than 3 months, I have developed a list of 2,500 subscribers and it keeps increasing by an average of 75 people PER DAY. My initial goal was to have 3,000 subscribers after a year. I will achieve it in the next days.

With this course, I was able to determine what I would love to do. I learned all the necessary actions to take in order to build a successful online business.

Frederic's constant support and availability helped me tremendously to achieve the results I have.

Additionally, Frederic was a very good coach by giving me good strategies to increase the sales and improve my website.

I would recommend the Do What You Love Success Group to anyone who wants to make a living on the Internet.

Maryse Leroux

"I've written 3 new ebooks since joining"

Thank you Frederic for all your hard work and fantastic info!!!!

I've been in the Success Club for almost 2 months I think, and I'm finally getting the big picture. :) All the plug in info takes awhile to absorb and understand what the heck they are and what they can do for us… My head doesn't feel like it's going to implode as much now… :)

With all your low-fat info, you helped me realize that I needed to re-haul all my raw recipe ebooks so I have products that don't make people sick from too much fat!!!! Also to make them more specific.

I've written 3 new ebooks since joining, so now I have products I can be proud of on my future website. :D Later, I hope to also have a "cleanse" or a club of some kind on my site as well if I can figure it out. :)

I'm too afraid to start up a site on my own with Solostream because I'm afraid I'll choose one that won't support all the plug ins that I'll need, so I'll probably let someone else build my site… I'm kind of in a rush anyway to get it going…

Thank you again Frederic. You're a great teacher!!!!!!!


I'd like to invite you to join us inside the “Do What You Love” Success Group.

You get everything you need, cutting edge, up to date, forget the rest, take action and make money, tools and information every single month, and a bustling community of other members who are making money that you can interact with anytime you want via the forum.

I am available to hold you by the hand, and show you step-by-step how to decide what your passion is, and how to transform it into a full time income.Here's what the Do What You Love Success Group includes every month:

Component 1: Bi-Weekly Lessons on How to Make
a Living Online - ($2,000 Value)

As part of your subscription to the “Do What You Love” Success Group, you'll receive a complete training program covering just about every aspects of the making a living on the Internet.

You'll get access to over 40, carefully designed lessons every two weeks that will answer the questions you have about the many important aspects of making a living online.

These lessons really cover a lot of ground! I recommend to take the time to go through them each week. You'll find them easily digestible and easy to put in practice. And most importantly, something crucial to take action and do every 2 weeks!

You'll find that some of these reports cover the basics, while others are much more advanced. Overall, they'll give you a great education on the many aspects of running an online business.

Each report is in PDF format for easy
reference and printing.

Topics include:

  • How to drive massive amounts of traffic to your site!
  • How to automate your marketing, so you can spend most of your time doing what you love! 
  • Detailed information on how to build your list using Internet advertising - both paid (including low cost), and free! 
  • How to start your own coaching program, making $1000 to $10,000 or more helping others one-on-one or in group situations.
  • How to create your own membership sites, for consistent monthly income!
  • And so much more! You get a brand new report sent to you ever other week as a member!

Component 2: Monthly Live, “Do What You Love” Webinars!
($600 Annual Value)

This is the core the “Do What You Love” Success Group!

Every months, we meet for a live webinar featuring a slide show presentation and a period of Q&As, where you get to ask me anything you like (related to the webinar presentation or not).

These live webinars cover every aspects of
making a living online.

During these webinars:

  • How to drive massive amounts of traffic to your site!
  • How to automate your marketing, so you can spend most of your time doing what you love! 
  • Detailed information on how to build your list using Internet advertising - both paid (including low cost), and free!
  • How to start your own coaching program, making $1000 to $10,000 or more helping others one-on-one or in group situations.
  • How to create your own membership sites, for consistent monthly income!
  • And so much more! You get a brand new report sent to you ever other week as a member!

Component 3: Downloadable Replay of Each Webinar
($150 annual value)

To make sure you don't miss any webinar, you'll get to download a back up of each webinar at no additional cost.

Downloadable Replay Back Up
  • Downloadable to your computer hard drive, anywhere in the world at no additional cost.


Component 5: The discussion forum

This is definitely one of the most important features of the success group: the forum.

As a member, you'll have access to our constantly growing community of conscious entrepreneurs.

This will be the best place to maximize networking, make contacts, grow your list, learn from others, and find joint venture opportunities!

Access to Our Constantly Growing Community of Conscious Entrepreneurs.
  • The best place to maximize networking, make contacts, grow your list, learn from others, and find joint venture opportunities!

You Also Get 10 Incredible
Gifts Just For Giving the
Success Group a Try

You may not know me personally, but if you ask around in the raw food and Internet communities, you'll find out that I've consistently put out quality products.

Guillaume Schollier, a success group
member, recently wrote to me:

Feel very grateful for all this, your living an inspiring life with integrity, the creating
of the materials themselves, and willingness to share so generously

I waited long time to write you some thanking words personally for your work even
though being very grateful ever since reading your first book 2 years ago.

One of the things you'll discover with the Success Group is how generous I am with my time. And I also want you to be extremely happy with the coaching you get as part of the Group. If you need help (including cancelling or any other issue), simply use my support system.

But in case you still have doubts, I've decided to make the first month cost only $9.95 AND give you 10 amazing bonuses.

All of your Success Group benefits will be active immediately and I've included some of my best products just for trying out the Success Group.

Gift #1: The Weekend Website
This is a course that previously sold for $497!

After all of the years I've been on the Internet, after numerous successes and some failures too, I have distilled the most important information I have learned about creating your own website, in a new course.

This course is really about taking action. I go into a step-by-step method that allows you to create your own money-generating website in 1 or 2 days, and I teach you exactly how to get it done, even if this completely new to you.

I believe it is the most practical, step-by-step approach that works that you'll ever get - anywhere.

In this program, you will discover:

This bonus is only available as part of this special offer. You will be able to download and watch it as soon as you order.

Gift #2: A Laptop and a Beach
This program previously sold for $97!

In this video presentation, you will learn how to create work from anywhere using the power of the Internet Freedom Lifestyle. This is the ultimate program on:

This bonus is only available as part of this special offer. You will be able to download and watch it as soon as you order.

Gift #3: The List Building System: How to Build
a List of 10,000 Subscribers in 6 Months or Less”!
This program previously sold for $97!

One of the biggest questions I regularly receive is “how do you build a list?” I've built a list of over 30,000 subscribers, but most importantly I've built a responsive list that generates over $30,000 in sales every month.

Without a list, you don't have an Internet business. So this video presentation on CD-ROM will show you how to:

This bonus is only available as part of this special offer. You will be able to download and watch it as soon as you order.

Gift #4: A FREE Website Critique
A Professional Website Critique ($150 value)

As soon as you sign up for the Success Group, you'll be able to get a website critique from me.

I've been doing this for over ten years, I've been in the trenches, and I've slayed the competition. Imagine being able to show your website to an expert, who will tell you exactly what to change and improve, to get the results you need.

I will review your website and even create a video outlining everything you need to do to improve sales/subscribers/everything.

I normally charge $350 per hour for consulting other people to start their own website. This critique is a $150 value.

Here's how it works.

Just tell us you're ready to claim your free website critique (you only need to send one email).

I will then take your site, analyze it thoroughly, and record my personalized critique of it. I'll tell you:

  • Which parts to improve
  • How to increase your sales and profits
  • What elements you should incorporate next
  • What you should take out of your site
  • And more!

I will record your consultation on screen capture video (which means you'll hear me and see me tear apart your site!) and send it to you in a maximum of 10-14 days after you've requested your critique (except during my August vacation). This you'll agree is an incredible bonus that NO OTHER COURSE or program out there is offering.

If you already have a website up and traffic going to it, you'll likely pay for an entire year's membership just from this one gift.

You could jump right now to the “Add to Cart” button…and consider the rest of the bonuses just extras that you'll check out later once you put this video into action on your website.

It will make that much of a difference to any active website almost overnight.

Gift #5: My Rolodex of Business Contacts
This gift has an insane value of probably $500 or more

This is probably the one gift that should get you the most excited.

As soon as you sign up for the Success Group, I'll send you my personal Rolodex of business contact.

This is the list of ALL the best contacts I personally use to run my business. Including:

Honestly, this feature alone is worth the entire price of your membership. It will save you years and years of trouble and worry when looking for the right vendors in your business. You'll get access to the same companies I use for everything that I do. I can honestly say that this list of contacts cost me tens of thousands of dollars to compile (by trying different companies over and over until I found the PERFECT ones). I believe this rolodex is worth much more and personally I would have been glad to have paid $3000 or more for it if someone could have handed it to me years ago.

Gift #6: The Internet Business Blueprint
This gift is truly priceless. I've never sold it anywhere,
but I would say it's worth at least $200

Would you send someone on an expedition to the wilderness without a Map?

Would you go on a trek through the dessert without a satellite phone and a GPS?

Trying to start an Internet business can often feel like going on an exotic trip, and it can seem daunting if you don't have the proper tools.

A lot of my students have asked me to summarize the step-by-step method for making a living on the Internet.

So I asked myself: How could I summarize everything I know about making money on the Internet into one simple document that my studentscould refer to over and over again.

As I started writing it, I realized: This is it! This document has everything.

Over the years, I've created over 40 different lessons that our Success Group members now receive every two weeks. These cover so many topics.

But I needed to write an overview of everything. Because once you know what there is to know and how it works, you can do the rest of the research on your own. This document is so valuable that I wanted to share it with my Success Group members - that's you!

Gift #7: How to Move to a Tropical Paradise
This gift sells separately on my website for $97

Tired of the cold and the stress of modern living?

My home country is Canada, and at some point I said “ENOUGH!” I was tired of having to spend an entire winter in the snow, and I was longing for beaches, fruits that I could pick of the tree, and warm, pleasant weather year round. I was daydreaming about sunshine, turquoise waters, palm trees, white sands, and tropical fruits.

Moving to a tropical paradise is not for everybody. But trying it myself, I discovered all of the intricacies, the mistakes to avoid, the pitfalls to watch out for.

Now, I still live in Canada, but I manage to spend several months of the winter in tropical locales like Costa Rica and Hawaii. And the best thing about it: I didn't have to give up my life and in fact I lowered my overall yearly expenses.

I call this system “the Pura Vida Lifestyle System”, based on the saying in Costa Rica “pura vida” which means “pure life”, and that everybody says in many circumstances.

With the Pura Vida Lifestyle System, you get to spend 1 to 12 months a year in a tropical paradise (it doesn't have to be Costa Rica).

You're doing all of this without increasing your yearly expenses, and even making some extra money in the process, and best of all, keeping your freedom and freeing yourself from unnecessary commitments.

When you sign up for the Success Group, you'll get access to my complete course on How to Move to a Tropical Paradise in digital format.

You will discover:

You will be able to download and watch this bonus as soon as you order.

Gift #8: Choosing the Right Niche Market
This special report previously sold for $27.

One of the biggest decisions you'll have to take is which market to choose for your business.

This report will make the job easier for you. You will be able to easily identify the “ideal” target market and find out if the idea you had for your website is going to be a dud or a winner.

Why shoot yourself in the foot with the wrong market! This bonus report will show you all the mistakes to avoid.

Gift #9: How to Fire Your Webmaster - Discover How to
Maintain a Template Based Website
$47 Value.

This bonus is a series of videos showing you how to maintain a “template-based” website. This is an essential video series for people who want to save money by not hiring a webmaster.

This video tutorial series will show you how!

Gift #10: Setting Up a Wordpress Website in One Evening
This Gift is a $47 Value.

If you're going to build a website, Wordpress is the way to go. This bonus is one that will save you a lot of time and money. Instead of paying an expensive web designer to set up your website, you just spend 70 minutes watching the video.

As you watch the video, all the steps are laid out for you and you can do everything as the video plays. Once you're done, your website will be set up!

I've Already Done The Hard Work For You! I Know What Works and What Doesn't And It's All Yours for Only $9.95 for One Month!

All it costs is $9.95 to get access to all these gifts, and that's it.

You get everything above, it's really the best offer I've ever made, and I honestly don't know how long I will keep it open.

You may be wondering why I'm giving so much away almost for free? Well, I'm glad to tell you, and it's something we'll go into more detail inside.

I know you'll be shocked, dumbfounded, astounded, bewildered.... at the amount of actionable, money making information inside. You'll also learn from other members who are already making money online, many of whom have already quit their day jobs. I'll give you everything I have in terms of and advice, encouragement, direct actionable tactics... so again, why am I giving all this away for free for the first month?

Because we're developing a relationship. I've been here for 10 years making money, and with my help, you'll be here for the next 10 years making money as well.

So lets recap. What will you receive when you join for just $9.95 today)?

Component Value Delivery
Bi-weekly Lesson
Training program
$750+ /Annual Digital (PDF)
Monthly Webinars $750+ /Annual Live Webinar + digital recording
The Weekend Website,
Complete Course
$497 Digital (Audio + PDFs)
Laptop and A Beach
$97 Digital (Video + PDF)
The List Building
$97 Digital (Video + PDF)
Free Website Critique $150 Video - Sent within 7-14 days after requested
Rolodex of Business
$500+ Digital (Latest version available on our website)
The Internet Business
$200+ Digital (PDF)
How to Move to a
Tropical Paradise
$97 Digital (Video + PDFs)
Choosing the Right
Niche Market
$27 Digital (PDF)
How to Fire Your
$47 Digital (Video)
Setting Up a Wordpress
Website in One Evening
$47 Digital (Video)
And so much more... including access to the forum! Total Value:
Your Cost
Today: $9.95!

(for the first month)

These are, of course, low end estimates. I can't begin to put a value on what it means to you to be able to quit your job, spend more time with friends and family, work from home, travel more, and do more of what you love! Once you're successful making money online, it feels so great to help others do it too... It's indescribable.

And as if all that wasn't enough…

You're Totally Covered By
The No Questions Money Back Guarantee!

Ok, that's it. Now you know what the “Do What You Love” Success group is all about. You know what you'll find inside, and you know what kind of success others have had. You also know what joining today can do for your business. You also have my ironclad, personal guarantee that I will refund your first month if you don't think that it was worth the $4000+ in value that we promised…

And even if you ask for a refund, you can keep every digital bonus, your website review, and everything, for your trouble.

And you can cancel at any time after that.

All you have to do is simply contact my staff at and they'll take care of it immediately (No going through hoops or problems getting a refund). And don't worry if you're a day or two late, and you were already billed. We'll refund your last month's payment.

Now you must decide if you’re ready to join the “Do What You Love” Success group. Honestly, I don’t know how long I’ll keep the $9.95 offer open, so if you’re interested, I’d suggest jumping on it right now.

I can’t wait to take this next step with you and build your online empire, doing what you love! Join below now, and I’ll see you on the other side.

Do What You Love Success Group

The Success Group is not accepting new members at this time.


To Your Success “Doing What You Love,”

Frederic Patenaude

PS: I defy you to find a better online offer anywhere, for only $47 a month.

P.P.S. Remember, everything is covered by my unconditional, ironclad no questions easy cancellation policy. And if you cancel before the end of the first month, we’ll even refund you the $9.95 you paid to join!

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